lunedì 6 dicembre 2010

Galateo on the table

Good evening!
How are you?
I'm tired but I want to continue the lesson of Galaeo...

Galateo on the table

A table with friends or an important lunch....a polite person never forget:

* Don't sit at the table, before the lady indicated evrey palace andsheask ou to sit;
* Chair is not far and not near the table; move it lifting, don't push, leave near the
* You sit...don't cross your legs, put them under the table and stand upright
* Elbows are near the body and the hands...when you don't use them...don't leave tem on the belly
* Don't touch your hair, nails and whiskers
* Don't leave keys, glasses, portfolio or magazines on the table
* Don't drink and spea when your mouth is full
* Don't eat bread before the first plate of food or between them
* Every foods served stand on specific plates and the waiter serves people on the left right
* Don't take food with your forks on the waiter plate...use the specific forks or spoons.

OK I finish for tonight....tomorrow I'll write other simple rules....try these during a lunch or supper...and explein e the reaction of your

Good night

domenica 5 dicembre 2010

Galateo....what is this?

Sorry...sorry for yesterday...but I went to bed late....late...late again.
I didn't write the blog post....
But today I have a surprise for you...

Do you search a girlfriend or a boyfriend Don't you feel polite, educated and conqueror enough? is a prolblem of Bon Ton. Bon Ton?

What'is this?

Ok my reader...through my blog I want to explain how you have to history part....reciept....and all is useful to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend....



Word "GALATEO"..."Etiquette" in english was born 1558, thanks to Galeazzo Florimonte, Bishop of Sessa. He was the inspiration for Monsignor Giovanni della Casa, whoo wrote the first book about good and civil life: "Galateo ovvero dei costumi".
The book has been translated into major foreign languages and it conquisted all Europe. In Italy it represents the code of laws regulating social relations.

Today good manners are necessary and they are virtues: a way to stand, to be elegant and refined and to leave a good first impression. 
Etiquette is not only appearance and good's a style be kind....always pay!

- Present yourserlf;
- Greet;
- How to welcome guests;
- How to stay in front a table;
- How to serve food on the table;
- How to eat difficult foods;
- How to use the mobile and computer;

These are the topics of my appreciate and to be appreciate.
Simple dimostrate attention and respect to other people.

Galateo and your synonims

Bon Ton, Buona Educazione, Etichetta, Etiqueta in spanish and Etiquette in french.
Etichetta is not "Ethic" (= part of the Philosophy, speaks about what is good, ok and correct). Etichetta is a small Ethic used for dealy problems...

Hear you tomorrow for the begin of the lesson.

Good night.

venerdì 3 dicembre 2010


Happy weekend my reader!
How are you?

What is your plan for the weekend?

Bhe for's free after 8pm...before I always work.
But...this evening I'm going to a fashion show with Cesare and Ione.
I'm tired but It's better for me go out...
Tomorrow morning I'm going to the gym...(I have to complete my training) and then I'm going to work...I love sell toys... I can suggest you something to do for this weekend...uhm...

* Happy hour
* go to the cinema
* have supper with your best friends.
* cook biscuits for Christmas.
* read a book and drink a cup of tea.
* make a present for a special person.
* go to a musical...or a ballet.
* go to an etnical restaurant.
* listen to music in completly relax.
* play a game at home.
* practis your favourite sport.
* relax in a beautyfarm.
* study an interesting topic or a language.
* draw a picture.
* put in order your home.

...and I can continue again...

bye, bey... I have to go!

giovedì 2 dicembre 2010

Dedicate to Alice....

I love alice....she is my favourite story...
And I want dedicate my post to little and big friend...
The reason is simple...I drawn a picture with Alice and cat...fantastic....
Today I feel better..but every day is difficult...I admit.
Dodo early tonight because tomorrow morning I'll wake up at 6 am.

Next weekend....I promise...I want to write about Galateo....What is Galateo? Its a surprise.
Read again my post and you wait for Sunday....


mercoledì 1 dicembre 2010


It snowed today...Beautiful....I love the snow....

I'm tired! Sorry my friends....
I worked not a lot but...Roby and I put the sticker on the door for the Christmas time....
It's very funny...because it's very complicated. I stayed in front of the door for 30 minutes...and Roby at the same time sold toys....We laughed togheter!
Risultation...a very disaster....full of!
I had lunch with my cousin Marco and your friend Filippo. I passed a good time...because your beautiful men...they understand me...and I love much....
I don't think Canada in this period...
...It's like...put a cube in a circle!
Change the geometry....I don't know.

I don't feel good...I don't want waste my's my life....I pretend to be happy....
Good night...

I wait for new picture...took in's old at Niagara Falls!Remember?!?!?

martedì 30 novembre 2010's important!??!??!

Tonight I think that...I don't want write a lot....because my mind is tired....
But....What do you think about it important money? Or Do you chose a person....only if he/she has money?

No way for me....consider a person only for this it's terrible....Most important....emotional things, sentimental situation...And togheter...solve the rest of the problem.
Economical situation...I speak about this...share the cost of in case of necessity...If the relation is will be normal this behavior.

But some people think in different way probably because listen to other people and take the influence of them...

Ok...stop with this boring topic.

I tell you about my todday training at the gym. run!

Interval Training...

5 min - speed 10km/h high 2
35 min - 1,5min 12km/h high 2 / 1min 10km/h high 2
5 min - speed 11km/h high 2
5 min - speed 10km/h high 2
5 min - speed 11km/h high 2
5 min - speed 10km/h high 2

End...15 min step level 8

Tomorrow morning...before work....I'll do shoulder...I think1

Good night.